ToC: Kate Sharpley Library Bulletin Online

Table of contents, No. 91-92, October 2017

KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library No. 91-92, October 2017 

An obscure heroine by Ida Pilat Isca

Everlasting Murder by Max Baginski

Rejecting the Legend by Louis Mercier Vega

Why I am an anarchist by Nikolai Ivanovich Pavlov

Kropotkin Goes Missing

Postbag / Library News

Crass and Class War in the Thatcher years, by an ex-member of Bristol Class War

[Stop the city]

Stonehenge ’85

Leah Feldman Interview (Leah Feldman, Leo Rosser and Philip Ruff)

[Debating the Miners’ Strike 1] The Miners and the Left

[Debating the Miners’ Strike 2] Letter: [The Miners and the Left]

[Debating the Miners’ Strike 3] Letter: The Miners’ Strike and the Anarchists

[Debating the Miners’ Strike 4] [Letter: Anarchists and the Miners’ strike]

[Debating the Miners’ Strike 5] The Miners & Social Change by Albert Meltzer