CfP: Constructing the “Soviet”!? Political Consciousness, Everyday Practices, New Identities

Call for papers, deadline 1 December 2017
European University at St. Petersburg, 20.04.2018 - 21.04.2018

The undergraduate- and graduate-student conference, “Constructing the ‘Soviet’? Political Consciousness, Everyday Practices, New Identities,” has been held at the European University at St. Petersburg annually since 2007. Our aim is to contribute to and stimulate an international discussion among students of Soviet history, to create connections between scholars, and to find new research methods and approaches to the study of Soviet history. The conference offers young scholars from Russia and abroad a chance to discuss different aspects of Soviet everyday life, politics, economics, and culture. Conference participants will have an opportunity to discuss their papers with the faculty of European University at St. Petersburg and other academic institutions. Apart from panel discussions, keynote presentations by prominent scholars working on Soviet history will be organized.
We invite papers on the following topics (the list is suggestive, not exhaustive):
- The gender dimension of the Soviet Union
- Ideas, practices, and ethics of labour
- Soviet heritage in museums, memory, and public discussions
- Deconstruction of the Soviet: the transformation of regime, society, and ideology
- Religious identities, institutions, and practices in the USSR
- Perceptions of death in Soviet society
- Archives as a personal and state project
- Soviet or non-Soviet culture? The limits of ideological control
- Social and cultural dimensions of disability in the USSR
- Soviet transportation networks and their users
- Sounds and visual spaces of the Soviet
- Debating October: controversial issues, new approaches and interpretations
- Soviet romanticism: between art and reality?

Participation is open to undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students in the humanities and social sciences. No remote participation is possible. The conference working languages are Russian and
English. To apply please send a short paper* and CV to the following e-mail address:
Deadline for papers: December 1, 2017.

We will report the results until December 20, 2017. The selected papers will be published in a conference volume by the beginning of the event. Participants will be asked to edit their papers by January 7, 2018, for publication.

Previous conference programs and collections of papers are available at:
The European University at St. Petersburg offers a limited number of grants to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Paper Requirements:
- 15,000 characters max. (including spaces and footnotes);
- MS Word;
- Times New Roman 12, 1.5 space, footnotes.
Please use the previous volumes of conference papers as an example:

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