CfP: Globalization, Race, and the New Nationalism

Call for papers, deadline 15 March 2018


Globalization, Race, and the New Nationalism

Seventeenth Annual Global Studies Association of North America Conference

Sponsored by Howard University, Washington, DC

June 6 - 8, 2018


As W.E.B. DuBois noted, racism is the "Achilles heel" of American democracy. White nationalist and white supremacy ideologies and movements are old problems, but globalization is the current economic, political, and social context through which they are unfolding. This important conference will investigate the subjects of race and the new nationalism that are currently roiling our nation and the world.


Featured keynote speakers:


  • ·         Rose M. Brewer, University of Minnesota
  • ·         Oscar A. Chacón, Alianza Americas    
  • ·         Bill Fletcher Jr., Former president of TransAfrica Forum
  • ·         José La Luz, Labor activist and intellectual
  • ·         Valentine Moghadam, Northeastern University
  • ·         Adolph Reed Jr., University of Pennsylvania
  • ·         William I. Robinson, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • ·         Jamala Rogers, Author of Ferguson is America: Roots of Rebellion
  • ·         Mary Romero, President-elect of the American Sociological Association
  • ·         Saskia Sassen, Columbia University
  • ·         Beverly J. Silver, The Johns Hopkins University
  • ·         R.L. Stephens, A. Philip Randolph Fellow at Jacobin
  • ·         Hilbourne A. Watson, Professor Emeritus at Bucknell University


Globalization touches every aspect of our lives and field of study—race, gender, politics, economics, poverty, history, psychology, sociology, health and nutrition, land and water use, education…the list goes on and on. We welcome abstracts from all academic fields on all topics, and encourage all faculty, staff, and graduate students to participate.


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