Updates from the Working Class Movement Library


The Working Class Movement Library is keen to contribute to the collective search both for intellectual stimulation and for social solidarity during these hard times. A guest exhibition which was due to open this month at the Library has now been reinvented and is available for viewing online here.

In August 1969 political and sectarian unrest saw barricades erected in Belfast’s Falls Road and British troops on the streets. People’s Democracy, a radical student movement, provided political direction and publicity through Radio Free Belfast and the Poster Workshop. The posters in our online exhibition show the messages of that time. The first eight posters were made in Belfast and were all produced between the end of August and the end of September 1969.  The rest of the posters in the exhibition were produced in the London Poster Workshop. 

The library is planning an accompanying event on Tuesday 26 May 2020 - details to follow at www.wcml.org.uk/events.

The library’s popular Invisible Histories talks have also moved online – it’s proving great to be able to offer these to an appreciative wider audience.  As feedback from one participant put it, ‘Who knew a virtual meeting could be this friendly?’. Details of how to join each meeting online will be available on the day on the relevant event page at www.wcml.org.uk/events.   All the talks are recorded and are therefore available for viewing later on the Library’s YouTube channel.