News 2015

Table of contents n 38, April 2015 (in French)
Announcement, Working Class Movement Library, Salford, UK
Table of contents, vol 10, nr 3, March 2015 (in Dutch)
Study days, 15 April 2015, Bobigny, and 27 May 2015, Paris, France (in French)
Announcement, Fondazione Turati and Fondazione Matteotti (in Italian)
Conference, 25 March 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina (in Spanish)
Newsletter, 17-03-2015, WCML, Salford, United Kingdom
Conference, 27-28 March 2015, Dresden, Germany (in German)
Exhibition, ZARYA Centre for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok, Russia
Conference, 16-19 September 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland
Table of contents, n. 44, February 2015 (in Italian)
Table of contents, nr 113-114 (in French)