Social and Labour History News

Book announcement: Hubert Harrison
Review: James McSwain on Donna Rilling
Review: Michael Huberman on Leonard Rosenband
Review: Timothy May on 'Poisoned Arrows'
CFP: Conference at New Mexico State University
CFP: 'History and Society'
Review: Perry Patterson on Michael Ellman and Vladimir Kontorovich
Review: James Oberly on Dwight Billings and Kathleen Blee
CFP: Symposium in Amsterdam and Leiden
Review: Douglas Cremer on Karen Offen
Review: Sharon Otoo on Derek Aldcroft and Michael Oliver
Review: David Carlton on Richard Bensel
Book announcement: Merlin Press
E-newsletter, August issue
Book announcement: Wayne State UP
New ASA section, new website
New publications from the V.V. Giri Institute
CFP: 38th ITH, Linz
TOC: NWLHG annual journal
Updated bibliography


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