Social and Labour History News

CFP: conference in Teheran
Review: Dietmar Neutatz on Sheila Fitzpatrick
SERAP working papers on Latvia and Medyn'
Conference in Portland, OR
Review: Daniel Jacoby on Howell John Harris
Autumn 2000 Newsletter online
Review: Lorena Walsh on the CD-ROM database
Collected works published by the IISH
First volumes published
Labour history sites added in October 2000
Review: Robert Lewis on Ronald Suny
Review: Jo Wheeler on Patrick McGray and Luca Molà
Review: Eric Tscheschlok on Mark Smith
Review: James Ryan on Mark Salomon
Bengal and other collections presented
Produced by 'Itinéraire' (in French)
CFP: conference in Avignon
Book announcement, Cornell UP
CFP: conference in The Hague
For research in business and labour history


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