CfP: Race and Capital, Special Issue of Historical Materialism Journal

Over the past decade racism, racialisation, empire and solidarity have re-emerged as some of the most central and contested issues to contemporary political struggles. The political right has mainstreamed and instrumentalised explicit and implicit forms of racism to reach the halls of power. This racism has not simply been rhetorical, as successive right-wing governments have implemented exclusionary and discriminatory policies.

CfP: Revue Humanités numériques : appel à contributions

Humanités numériques est une revue francophone publiée en libre accès et consacrée aux usages savants du numérique en sciences humaines et sociales. Éditée par l’association francophone Humanistica et diffusée sur la plateforme OpenEdition Journals, elle offre un lieu de réflexion, de débat scientifique et d’expression aux chercheurs et enseignants dont les travaux s’inscrivent dans ce champ.

CfP: Labour Migration History at the ELHN-WORCK Conference 2021

Call for Papers for the Working Group Labour Migration History (ELHN-WORCK Conference, Vienna, 30 August–3 September 2021)

As part of the 4th conference of the European Labour History Network (ELHN), Vienna, 30 August–3 September 2021, we invite abstracts for papers for a series of sessions organised by the ELHN Working Group Labour Migration History.


CfP: Historicising the perpetrators of sexual violence: global perspectives

Sexual violence remains one of the world’s most under-reported crimes. Victims who press charges are often subjected to painful scrutiny of their own behaviour and personal lives by medical personnel, juridical authorities and the media. Survivors of sexual violence have described their frustration at the legal process, which seems to place them rather than their attackers on trial: ‘…I feel like I was given the life sentence that he deserves’.


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