Draft of SDAP programme

Henri Polak, chairman of the ANDB, was also one of the founders of the SDAP (Social Democrat Workers' Party). He co-wrote the party programme, of which a draft is shown here with his comments, to be discussed at the founding meeting of the party.

Poster for fund against tuberculosis

Tuberculosis was the most common deadly disease among workers at the beginning of the 20th century. The ANDB set up a fund to sent diamond workers to sanatoria and to finance research. It was called Zonnestraal (Sunbeam). This poster was designed by the architect Duiker who built Sanatorium Zonnestraal, still world famous for its progressive and functional style.

Print ten years ANDB

This print was made on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ANDB, when the union was involved in the biggest strike in its history. Employers had sent their workers home without payment, in reply to demands from the union. The ANDB however had large funds and managed to sustain longer than the employers, who after three months had to comply to most of the union's demands.


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