News 2005

CFP: Helsinki and Kotka, August 2006
Review: Edwards on Locard
Review: Bionaz on Chin
Review: Bloem on Eisenfeld, Kowalczuk and Neubert
Review: Sewell on LaPorte
Conference in Reims, 14-15 Oct 2005 (French text)
International conference in Paris, 6-7 Oct 2006
Workshop in Brussels, 21-22 October 2005 (French text)
Review: Kunnas on Freese
Call for submissions
Call for submissions
Book ann: The Fundación Largo Caballero (in Spanish)
CFP: two conferences in Melbourne, Australia, June 2006
Review: Childs on Brodie
News from the Feltrinelli (in Italian)
CFP: conference at Keele University, U.K, May 2006
CFP: ILWCH issues on trade unionism
Ann: new website