News 2005

Review: Bloem on Eisenfeld, Kowalczuk and Neubert
Review: Bionaz on Chin
Review: Edwards on Locard
CFP: Helsinki and Kotka, August 2006
Ann: the Summer 2005 issue
CFP: edited volume
Book ann: University of Illinois Press
Ann: Colloquium, Ghent, 2 December 2005
Ann: Capital & Class special issue
CFP: OHA Annual Meeting, Little Rock, Fall 2006
Ann: Labor History special issue
Book ann: Angeli, Lacaita
Ann: the 2005 issue; CFP: the 2006 issue
CFP: The International Review of Social History
Review: Schneer on Shepherd
Review: Stallbaumer-Beishline on Ogilvie and Overy
Ann: the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives
Review: Lockenour on Müller, Ehlert and Wagner
Review: Schimmel on Wilczek