News 2015

Book presentation, 3 December 2015, Bonn, Germany (in German)
Book presentation, 10 December 2015, Utrecht, Netherlands (in Dutch)
Table of contents nr 6, November 2015 (in German)
Workshop, 25-26 November 2015, Detmold, Germany (in German)
Announcement, Labour Movement Archives and Library, Sweden
Announcement, IISH, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Call for papers, deadline 28 February 2016
Book presentation, 7 November 2015, Reggio Emilia, Italy (in Italian)
Colloquium, 5-7 November 2015, Montauban, France (in french)
Announcement, Fondazione Turati, Italy
Web presentation, abour Movement Archives and Library, Sweden
Exhibition opening, 3 November, Alcala de Henares, Spain (in Spanish)
Event, 19 November, Melbourne, Australia
Call for papers, deadline 29 February 2016
Vol. 10, nr. 9, October 2015 (in Ductch)