News 2006

CFP: a conference in Minnesota, June 2007
Ann: renaming of the SGSA
Ann: online article on IALHI meeting
Ann: a conference in Cortona, 20-22 Oct
Book ann: AK Press
Book ann: Fondazione Turati (in Italian)
Ann: the future course of the ITH
Ann: new issue (Dutch text)
Ann: volume 3, number 1
Book ann: Kate Sharpley Library
Ann: new website
CFP: LALHC at Duke University, May 2007
Review: Goswami on Chari
Ann: Annual Conference, Dublin, 20-21 Oct. 2006
Ann: a performance by the Mikron Theatre, 1 Oct
Review: Hofmeister on Oltmer (in German)
Ann: film screening in New York City, 5 Oct
Ann: lectures and films in Brisbane, Australia
Review: Rosenberg on Maloka
Review: Ebert on Moitt