News 2006

Call for submissions
Programme, Sheffield 28-30 June
Book ann: Fondazione Turati
Ann: Newsletter, Summer 2006
CFP: a conference in London, Feb 2007
Bulletin of the Fundación Largo Caballero (in Spanish)
Ann: new online resource from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Ann: new online resource from the Friedricht Ebert Stiftung
Review: Zimmermann on Schmuhl
Review: O'Sullivan on Kastner
Review: Reilly on Heron & Penfold
Review: Ballard on Teppo
Review: Berkowitz on Savas
Review: Gardner on Silbey
Review: Pittaway on Bouvier
Review: Schimmel on Alheit & Haack
CFP: a colloquium in Cortona, Oct 2006
Review: Boal on Dublin and Licht
Ann: SAA Labor Archives Roundtable online materials
CFP: a conference in Kingston Ontario, June 2007