News 2006

CFP: Management & Organizational History
Ann: a conference in Manchester, 29 September 2006
Ann: a conference in London, 24-25 Nov 2006
Review: Poutrus on Hunn
Ann: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library nr 46-47
Ann: BDIC opening hours (in French)
CFP: A Labour Studies Conference in Canada
Ann: new online resources (in Spanish)
CFP: a conference in Berlin, Oct 2006
Ann: Nr. 42/2, 1 June 2006
Bulletin of the Fundación Largo Caballero (in Spanish)
Book ann: Centro F. Tomàs y Valiente (in Spanish)
Ann: the winning books and essays
Newsletter n. 12 - 31 May 2006
Ann: lecture, BDIC, Paris, 12 June
Review: Blessing on McDougall
Review: Roth on Hering & Schilde
Review: Walmsley on Ortlepp
CFP: Radical History Review