News 2007

CFP: Loughborough University, Sep 2008
Ann: SSLH AGM and round table, 24 Nov
Ann: a conference in London, 3 Nov
Call for applications
Book ann: Zero in Condotta
Call for applications
Book ann: Collection Carnot
Ann: a conference in Vienna, 16-18 November
Ann: un colloque à Paris, 19 Jan 2008
CFP: a conference in Johannesburg, 5-8 Sep 2008
Newsletter nr 20 (in Italian)
Ann: an exhibition in Paris
New items on the IISH website in Aug and Sep 2007
Ann: a conference in Salford, 24 Nov
TOC: issue 2007:6 (Dutch text)
Ann: conference program, 18-20 Oct
Seven book reviews (in German)