News 2009

Ann: a new website
Ann: a conference in Bad Münster am Stein, 12-13 Sep
The 45th ITH Conference, Linz 10-13 Sep
Rezensionen, May 2009 (German text)
CFP: Inaugural conference, 21-22 Nov
An exhibition in the WCML 15 Aug-22 Nov
July 2009
Rezensionen, April 2009 (German text)
Ann: AdsD Newsletter 2-2009 (German text)
CFP: a conference in Charleston, March 2010
Program of the symposium in Sydney, 28 September
TOC: Vol.5 no.3 (July 2009)
Newsletter 2009:23 (Italian text)
CFP: a stream at the ILPC 2010
Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero
New items on the IISH website in July 2009
Review: Franke on Unfried et al. (German text)
Ann: new publications