News 2009

Book ann: GEHCEX
Three reviews (German text)
Book ann: AK Press
CFP: a conference in Giessen, January 2010
CFP: a conference in Bremen, May 2010
Two reviews (German and English texts)
CFP: a conference in Lerida, May 2011
Two reviews (German text)
Two reviews (German and English texts)
Reviews, June-July 2009 (German text)
Ann: call for applications
Ann: a conference in Bonn, 8-9 October
Ann: the opening of new collections
TOC: issue 2009:6 (Dutch text)
Ann: a conference, 23-24 July 2010
Ann: a colloquium in Zürich, Fall 2009
Ann: Tamiment seminars
CFP: a workshop in Copenhagen, 20 Nov