News 2009

CFP: a conference in Santa Cruz, May 2010
A conference in Chicago, May 2010
A conference in Brisbane, 6 February 2010
Ann: issue No.6, 2009 (Spanish text)
Ann: an exhibition at the Europalia
TOC: 1(2009)2 (Portuguese text)
CFP: a conference in Wroclaw, Oct 2010
Ann: a conference in Göttingen, 27-28 Nov
Review: Dubofsky on Brenner, Day, and Ness
Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero
Ann: Newsletter nr 13/09
Ann: an event at (Italian text)
Programme of the conference in Duisburg, 12 Dec
New items on the IISH website in October 2009
Ann: a conference in London, 26-28 November
Ann: a meeting in Salford, 21 November
Book ann: Merlin Press
CFP: a conference in Sydney, April 2010
CFP: a conference in Helsinki, August 2010
Ann: new online 1989-1990 sources (in German)