News 2009

Ann: EHS Women’s Committee Workshop, 14 Nov
Newsletter 2009:27 (Italian text)
Ann: a conference in Exeter, 9-11 November
CFP: a conference in Lisbon, March 2011
CFP: a conference in Delhi, March 2010
CFP: a conference in Duisburg, 11-12 Dec
New issue and Call for contributions
Ann: historical films about work
Call for applications
Newsletter 2009:26 (Italian text)
Publication ann: Kate Sharpley
Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero
Ann: AdsD Newsletter 3-2009 (German text)
TOC: issue 2009:7 (Dutch text)
Ann: new web pages
CFP: a conference in Taiwan, Aug 2010
New items on the IISH website in September 2009
Ann: autumn programme
Call for studentship applications