News 2009

A conference in Rouen, 2011
CFP: a meeting in Oxford, 11 December
Ann: Friends Newsletter No. 24, July 2009
Book ann: Anthem Press
CFP: a conference in Paris or Lyon, May 2010
Ann: a conference in Detmold, 26-28 Oct
Latest bulletins
Book ann: Litwin Books
Ann: an exhibition
CFP: a conference in Leuven, May 2010
CFP: a conference in Boulogne-sur-mer and Ypres, May 2010
Ann: issue 1 / 2009
TOC: Number 96 - May 2009
Ann: vol. 11: the Post War Years
Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero
Ann: a conference in Dublin, 13-16 July
Ann: <em>Cahiers d'histoire</em> special issue
TOC: issue 2009:5 (Dutch text)