News 2010

New items on the IISH website in June 2010
Review: Rothermund on Malekandathil
Ann: a film presentation in Rome, 6 July
TOC: issue 2010:7 (Dutch text)
CFP: a conference in Amsterdam, June 2011
CFP: a workshop in Vilnius, April-May, 2011
Friends Newsletter No. 26, June 2010
Review: Oberender on Service (German text)
Call for applications
Review: Grassi on Gusmão (Portuguese text)
Ann: Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero
Reviews, May 2010 (German text)
CFP: a book and a conference, Bonn 11-12 Nov
TOC: issue (2009), 23-24 (German text)
CFP: a conference in Manchester, April 2011