News 2010

Ann: Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero
TOC: vol 46/3
Review: Lapied on Heuer (French text)
Review: Uhl on Lukasz et al.
Review: Priest on Van Zanden et al.
Review: Kannan on Sarkar & Sarkar
Ann: a conference in Erfurt, 28-29 Oct (German text)
Review: Skenderovic on Bürgi and König [eds]
CFP: a conference in Leuven, June 2011
Book ann: La Fondazione Turati
Call for applications
TOC: Vol.6 no.3 (July 2010)
Reviews, June 2010 (German text)
CFP: Southern Labor Studies Conference, Altlanta, April 2011
A symposium in Sydney, 19 November
Review: Fink on Van der Linden
Newsletter 2010:7 (Italian text)
TOC: Labor History special issue