News 2010

Ann: Fee Bursary PhD Studentship
TOC: Bulletin No. 62
Reviews, April 2010 (German text)
New items on the IISH website in April and May 2010
CFP: an anthology
Ann: a symposium in Auckland City, 4 November
Ann: LHR anniversary issue
CFP: a workshop in Amsterdam, 18-19 November
Ann: a major collections digitization project
CFP: a conference in Paris, 2011
CFP: a workshop in Lille, May 2011
Ann: a conference in Bad Urach (German text)
Ann: a talk a the WCML, 12 May
Ann: special issue
CFP: Perseu: história, memória e política
Ann: a research report (German & English)
Ann: Linz conference, 9-12 Sepember
Ann: Bulletin of the F. Largo Caballero
TOC: issue 2010:5 (Dutch text)
Ann: a conference in Leipzig, 21 June (German text)