News 2010

Book Ann: the Working Class Movement Library
Ann: a lecture in the Noel Butlin Archives Centre
International Material in ARAB’s Collections
TOC: issue 19 (2010) 4 (German text)
Ann: the winners of 2009
CFP: 2nd Annual Conference, Toronto Jan 2011
A symposium in Cork, 18 September
CFP: a conference in Bonn, March 2011
Review: Kucher on Gorshkov (German text)
Call for abstracts
Ann: a new guide at Tamiment
Ann: a conference in Berlin
Review: Frijia on Aulenbacher and Wetterer (German text)
Programme, 1-4 September
New items on the IISH website in July 2010
CFP: a conference at Duke University, April 2011
Ann: a conference in Nottingham, 6-9 September
Reviews, July 2010 (German text)
Review: Bloch on Voigt (German text)
Ann: a workshop in Cambridge, 24-25 Sep