News 2010

TOC: Vol.6 no.2 (April 2010)
Call for applications 2009-2010
TOC: 19 (2010) 2
Ann: Newsletter 14/10 (German text)
Reviews, February-March 2010 (German text)
CFP: a conference in Basel, November 2012
Ann: a conference in Trier, 29-30 April
Ann: 2010 conference, candidates for secretary
Book ann: Kate Sharpley Library
New items on the IISH website in March 2010
CFP: a workshop in Toronto, 3 May
Ann: a conference in Bristol, 24-26 June
Ann: a conference in Bremen, 6-8 May
Ann: a book presentation in Madrid, 26 April
May Day History events in Manchester, 1-2 May
TOC: issue 2010:4 (Dutch text)
Reviews, Dec 2009 -Jan 2010 (German text)
Book ann: University of Illinois
Ann: a lecture in Salford, 18 April
CFP for the 2010-11 academic year